Top 5 Smart Home Tech Gadgets for 2019

Our future smart home will be very amazing. The home of the future always fascinated us. In the 60s Disney presented a concept of the smart home. Now a lot of nice technologies like Robot cleaner, Smartphones, Smartwatches or Android boxes changed our lifestyle. These modern gadgets improved a lot of our homes.


Future smart homes will be full of amazing technologies. Among these products, there will be Smart mirrors, Virtual reality, Smart robots, Improved smartphones and screens and a lot more.

And the future is now...

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1. Smart door lock: 

Every day our door opens up to something new. In life sometimes there is so much to juggle. With the smart door lock system, people need not have to worry about keys. Various types of smart door locks are available in the market. We need convenience without sacrificing quality. So let your home be innovative with smart door lock technology. Evolving your lifestyle where you and all the important persons in your life can enter home with just a touch. Welcome home with keyless convenience.

2. Echo Show:

With Amazon Echo Alexa you can use your voice to play music, control smart home devices and get news and information. Now introducing the newest member of the Echo family-

Amazon Echo Show 5: 

i) The newest member of the Echo line-up features a 5.5 inch 960*480-pixels screen, a 1-megapixel camera, and a single full range 1.65-inch speaker.

ii) The Amazon Echo Show 5 will be available in two colour options- white and black.

iii) It is powered by a Media Tech MT8163chipset and connects to the internet using Wi-Fi.

iv) The speaker is also Bluetooth enabled to function as a wireless speaker with compatible devices.

v) The Echo Show 5 addresses privacy concerns with a button that controls a physical shutter for the front camera.

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3. My Smart Blinds:

i) In this advanced world, why to opening and closing the blinds with hands. My Smart Blinds is the answer to this. 

ii) Premium custom fit blinds are designed by the advanced technology which keeps instant light control, privacy and security we need the most at home. 

iii) These blinds have the solar panel.

iv)  With the sun tracking feature My Smart Blinds maintain the light intensity according to the seasons change.

v) My Smart Blinds are designed to install very easily.

4. Smart light switch:

i) You can turn on/ off the lights with your voice or control your lights with your mobile device anywhere in the world.

ii) Smart switches are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and App control. 

iii) Smart switch can be handled by the app "E-Welink".

iv) You can schedule the Wireless intelligent light switch to set up automatic on/off for security or to save energy. 

v) Very easy to use and it will fit into a normal wall plate. Very well made and has short circuit and overload protection.

5. Mi Home Security Camera 360:

i) Our home needs to be secured. Here is the latest designed security camera by Mi with an ideal feature of 360-degree rotation.

ii) It has a slot for micro sd card installation to store the video footage for future record and can be expanded up to 64 GB.

iii) It is a smart security camera that rotates 360 degree horizontally and 96 degree vertically.

iv) More features like AI motion detection alert, two-way talkback for communication, Infra-Red (IR) night vision to get a clear image in low light condition, share device with other people using Mi account, control from the application itself, camera sleep schedule and many other features are available.

So friends, here I have given the basic idea of Top 5 Smart Home Technologies. There are a lot more technologies have evolved nowadays. I will try to explain about others in my another article. 
Please do share this article if you like and feel free to ask me anything regarding this topic in the comment box or you can contact me directly. Thank you.

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