What is 5G? Details about 5G network- 5G in India

What is 5G? Details about the 5G network. 5G service in India. Advantages and disadvantages of the 5G network.


All about the 5G Network:

Friends, today I am going to tell you about the 5G technology.

What is 5G technology? When will 5G be launched in India? I am going to answer all these questions in this post.

History of the Mobile phone network generation:

Presently we all are using 4G networks and we are waiting for 5G too. But before going to 5G topic, let us discuss about 1G to 4G journey:

1st Generation (1G) network was launched in the year 1980. Then 2G was launched in 1990, in the same way in every 10-years, new generation network has been launched. Presently we are using the 4G network, which has been launched in  2010 and by2022 we will get the 5G network too.

What is the 5G network?

5G means "Fifth Generation" wireless network. It is very advanced and fastest cellular technology. Using 5G network we can transmit data at the speed of 20GBPS (20Gb per second) by a wireless broadband connection. It offers minimum latency for real-time feedback. That means using the 5G network a live process can be accessed at a real time.

Suppose a car is moving somewhere in the world and we can get the exact position or any other relative data about the car at the real-time using 5G network in a GPS system from any other part of the world. At present this data takes 3 to 10 seconds to access live data using the 4G network.

The 5G network provides network slicing technology, which helps in creating multiple virtual networks. Multiple virtual networks can be used for some specific task or business like "Self Driving Car" which require extremely fast and low latency connection network slice.

Using this technology, a vehicle can be navigated by real time. Another feature of 5G will be speed control. We can control the speed of the internet as per our need because sometimes we do not need super fast internet on some home appliances.

Day by day number of internet users is increasing and therefore the speed of internet is becoming slower. But the 5G network will full fill all the demand of speed for each and every internet user.

Features of the 5G network:

There will be lots of features in 5G technology. Here I am going to discuss about some important features which are presently not available in the 4G network:

1. The latency will be 1 millisecond. Which will provide real-time data.

2. Data speed rate will be more than 10GB per second. So download and upload speed of any data will be faster than the 4G network.

3. We can connect 100 times the number of the device per unit area compared to the 4G network.

4. It will save energy by reducing network energy usage.

5. The bandwidth will be 1000 times per unit area.

6. 5G network can be accessed by most of the available devices.

7. 99.99% availability.

8. High increase peak bit will be there in the 5G network.

9. Reliability is higher in 5G network communication.

10. Consumption of the battery is low.

Working process of 5G technology:

High power cell towers are used to transmit wireless data through radio waves from a source to another source. These cell towers are already used in 4G (LTE) network. So basic setup of transmitting 5G network is already done by 4G (LTE) service providers.

Some small or micro cell stations will be installed to transmit 5G signal. The stations can be installed at any place like a light post, terrace, hills top etc.

The Band of spectrum for the 5G network will be set in between 30 GHz to 300 GHz to create the high-speed network and these signal can run up to small distance only, so small cell stations will be installed in large numbers to transmit this network to the long distance at any weather conditions.

Plans for the 5G network:

All the developed countries are planning for implementation of 5G technology and by 2030, we can use the 5G network in those countries including India. 5G compliant devices and smartphones will be fully available within 2020 and 5G will be used in full fledge by 2030. Virtual reality content and vehicle navigation in real time will also be started within 2030.

Types of 5G network service:

There will be two types of 5G network : Fixed wireless broadband and Cellular sevice.

Fixed wireless broadband will be used to provode internet sevice to homes and business premises. A signal reciver device will be installed at the premises to recieve the signal from near by small cell stations and it will be amplified to get the high speed internet access using modems.

The costing of fixed wireless broadband is cheaper because there are no uses of optical fibres to user premises, optical fibres will be used up to small cell stations only.

The initial test run of the 5G celluar sevice will be started in 2019-20. Using this service, the user can access the internet through a 5G network of cellular network providers by using 5G enabled devices. The license and other documentation for providing 5G cellular service is in progress and it will be rolled out soon in India also.

Advantage and Disadvantage of the 5G network:

There are some advantages and some disadvanteges in 5G technology-


1. Very effective and efficient.

2. Large bandwidth and high speed download and upload.

3. Parallel multiple service will be there for using the internet in multiple task at the same time.

4. All networks can be used under a single platform.

5. It will help in education, medical and other organisations to collect real time data at lightening speed.

6. It will help in getting data from space or to calculate the accurate weather.

7. Broadcasting data will be huge to connect maximum devices with higher speed.

8. Computer can be controlled by smartphone using 5G network.


1. Infrastructure development costing is very high.

2. Some old device will not be compatible with the 5G network. So you have to spend money on compatible devices.

3. 5G technology is still under process. Availability of technical support and infrastructure is still not available in many countries. So access of 5G network from all the places of this world is not possible.

4. There are some security and privacy issues related to 5G networks, which are still unsolved and it may take some time to resolve these issues.

5G in India:

You all are waiting for the 5G network to access high-speed internet. Isn't it? Very soon you will get the 5G network in India. TRAI is just getting ready to conduct the auction of 5G spectrum. Very soon 5G network policy will be also announced by Govt. of India. But before launching of the 5G network in India, the government will improve the data hosting and cloud services in India with best policies for better 5G network service

5G network will be available soon in India. As per source, The telecom company, JIO will provide the 5G network for the first time in India. Because JIO has already set up 5G infrastructure in all over India.

I hope JIO will give us offers like their 4G LTE offers.

In this article, I have tried to explain the basic of 5G technology. If you have any question, then please comment below.

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Thank you.
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