Top 12 Best Ideas or Niches to start a New YouTube Channel in 2019

The top 12 Best ideas for choosing topics or niches to start a new YouTube channel in 2019. Using these topics or niches your channel will easily grow up and you will get success very soon.

Top 12 Best Ideas or Niches to start a New YouTube Channel in 2019

Friends, As we all know about the competition on YouTube and it is very tough to earn money from YouTube channels. Millions of people are creating YouTtube channels every day but very fewer can exist here in this competition.

There are lots of reasons behind the failure of YouTube channels like poor content, irregularity, non-SEO etc. But apart from these, choosing a category or topic or niche is the main reason behind the success or failure of any Youtube channel.

We always love to choose some common topics like Tech, Cooking, Beauty, Travel, Gadgets etc. and that is why competition is getting higher day by day. So, we should think about the topics which are not common but people will definitely search for them.

Today, I am going to share the top 12 ideas about choosing topics or niches for your Youtube channels. If you choose any of these topics for your channel then your channel will definitely get success in this competitive market of YouTube.

Top 12 Best Ideas or Niches

1. Offline Business Ideas:

If you search the internet, you will get lots of online business ideas but huge numbers of people are still there who want to do offline business and they are interested in offline business only. But on youtube, you will get very less amount of channels for sharing offline business ideas. You can cover the topics like a business with minimum investment, providing details of wholesale markets, trending products for offline business, new types of equipment for product manufacturing etc. So, if you choose this topic for your channel, then it will also be a key to success for your channel.

2. Gaming Channels:

If you are a game lover then this topic is just for you. Nowadays, gaming channels are getting popular. If you play high tech games well, then you can choose this topic as your YouTube channel. Investment in this channel is also low. You don't have to buy any camera setup, you don't have to worry about recording and editing. You just record your screen during play the games and upload them. You can share your tricks, tips or any other method to win the game with your viewers.

3. Politics and Election:

If you like politics or if you have an idea about Indian politics, then you can create a Youtube channel with this topic. You can share your views on political topics or election-related topics. You can share public reaction on this topic also. Politics is always trending in our country. So create your channel and try to provide information regarding politics and election and make your channel famous.

4. Regional Content:

We always think that if we are going to create a YouTube channel, then it must be in English so that people from all over the world can watch my channel. But it is not true. Regional contents always get maximum views because there are lots of people from different categories are living in some remote or interior places and they love to watch the videos created with their known language or local content. If you target those people from your local region, then you will get huge viewers for your channel.

If you already have any channel then you can try to create content with regional language and see the difference.

5. Kids Related Channel:

Nowadays, most of the kids love to watch youtube for entertainment and parents also prefer youtube to get some educational videos like children care, rhymes, maths, primary level studies, basic handcrafts etc. So if you choose a topic to entertain or educate children then it will also get lots of views and subscribers on your channel.

6. Gardening:

This topic also has a very huge audience on youtube. If you have a garden or you love gardening, then share your tips and innovative ideas for gardening. People love to decorate their home with indoor and outdoor gardening. So this topic is very trending and you can try it.

If you are from a village and you have an idea about agriculture then also you can use this topic for your YouTube channel.

7. Pets and Animal Care:

This is one of the trending topics on the internet. If you have pets or if you have an idea about pet care like how to train them how to take care of them etc. then this topic is for you. You can see that the videos available on YouTube on this topic are maximum from other countries. So if you try this topic in our country, then you will get success for sure.

8. Career Guidance:

Career guidance is also a very successful topic for youtubers. After completion of the study, all people want to get proper guidance for their career. So if you have knowledge regarding career guidance then you can share your ideas through youtube channel and you will definitely get a huge number of subscribers and views on your channel.

9. Home and Office Decor Ideas:

This is a very interesting idea for creating a new YouTube channel. You can share your ideas of furnishing home or office. You can share your ideas about maintaining cleanliness of home and office, how to decorate home and office etc. You can suggest your viewers about some decorative products. You can review these products and using affiliate link you can earn extra money also.

10. Controversial Topics:

There are lots of controversial topics available on the internet and television on daily basis. You can create a channel for covering those topics. You can share your point of view or you can go out and take the reaction of people regarding these topics. So, this will be an interesting channel to watch. The controversial topic always gets a high rank on the search engine so it will help your channel to grow up.

11. Job Category:

If you search on the internet about jobs, you will get lots of results. Nowadays, people do not follow newspaper or offline mode for getting the latest notifications about recent job openings, they prefer online mode. All the websites for job portal are ranking high in google. So if you start making videos regarding recent job opening or any job exam related topics then your channel will grow up very well.

12. Become Love Guru:

Yes friends, this is a trending topic on the internet. Just become love guru, give love ideas or tips to young generations. Try to solve their love problems. Interact with them with the comment or with live chat. If you have a good skill to interact with people then this topic will definitely take your channel to the top in a very short period of time.

So friends, These are the top 12 topics I have chosen for you to select as your YouTube Channel category. I hope you will get some ideas about trending topics with minimum competition on youtube in the year 2019. Just create your channel, choose proper category and create good content. I wish you all very best of luck.

If you have any question regarding this article or any other topic shared by me then please comment below or directly contact me. I will try my best to help you.

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