Keyword Research- Free methods to search Keywords for your Blog with Keyword Planner

Keyword Research- Free and simple ways to search Keywords for your Blog. Proper keywords help in SEO for any blog or website to rank in top pages of search engines. But searching for a perfect or proper keyword is not an easy task. There are lots of paid tools available on the internet by which you can get some ideas about trending or most searched keywords. Today I am going to discuss some free tools, using them you can easily find keywords for your Blog or Website with the help of Keyword Planner.

Keyword Research

Keyword research means the task of finding a topic or a word which is trending on the internet or people search for it. To get success in the blog, you must have traffic on your blog. So, getting traffic on the blog by using proper SEO is always an important task and Proper keyword is the main key for SEO. If you find a keyword with a huge number of search volume and low competition then using that keyword, you will definitely get traffic on your blog. So, Keyword research is a combination of searching a proper keyword, it's per month search volume and it's competition.

How to find Keywords:

First of all the keyword must be a trending one. That means people should search for this topic. You can use the following method to get an idea about trending topics or keywords:

1. Google Trends:

This is a free tool from Google. You just open the website of Google Trends ie. can see the trending search results by selecting the specific category. That means you can select the topic as per your blog niche.

You can also select any country for the trending search results of that particular country and you can select some trending topics.

Google trends display the trending search result as per daily basis and real-time basis. So Google trends is the best option to get the trending topic or keywords ideas.

2. Quora: 

I am sure that all of you know about Quora. At least you see the quora result on the search result of any question asked on a search engine. is not it?

Actually, Quora is a website where people ask their question and other people can give the answer to that question. So if you browse Quora website, you will get an idea about what people want to know on Quora. You just make a list by selecting some questions asked mostly on Quora. Then analyze the search volume and competition on those topics.

3. Watching or Reading News:

If you regularly read newspapers or you watch news channels, then you get an idea about trending or famous topics. Writing article on those topics attracts traffic to your blog also. So you can make a list of those trending topics from news and analyze the search volume and competition.

4. Visiting Blogs:

If you visit some famous blogs, you will see that lots of blog readers leave their comment on those blogs. You can find some questions asked in the comment section. You can select some questions from there and analyze them for search volume and competition.

So, Friends, you can easily find some trending topics or keywords by using the above-mentioned method. After selecting some topics from these methods, you have to analyze the search volume and competition. Now, how will you analyze? Let's discuss this:

Analyzing a Topic or Keyword by Keyword Planner

There are lots of paid tools available in the market but they are too costly and as a beginner, I will never prefer buying them. But you don't need to worry, Google Adword Keyword Planner is a free tool which helps you to find the traffic volume or competition on any topic or keyword.

You have to create an account on Google Adword. In the "Tools" option, you will see a "Keyword Planner" option. Where you can put any topic or keyword. Google Adword will show the result of traffic volume, competition, CPC rate etc on the topic you entered. (I will write an article on Google Adwords Keyword Planner in my future post).

After getting the result as per search volume and competition, You have to select a perfect topic or keyword with high search volume and low competition for your blog. Just write an article using that topic or keyword. Within a short period of time, you will get the maximum traffic on your blog and your blog will be ranked in search result also.

In this article, I have discussed some free methods for searching trending keyword or topic and analyzing them with Keyword Planner for your blog, which will help you to get maximum traffic on your blog. I hope this article will help you.

If you like this article or if you have any question, then please comment here or contact me.

Thank you.
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