Youtube Video SEO - Steps to customise SEO for youtube videos

Youtube video SEO: The method of search engine optimisation for youtube videos. Get ranked in Google and Youtube search by SEO.

youtube ranking SEO

How to do "Proper SEO" for YouTube videos

Hello friends, earlier I discussed SEO of youtube channel customisation for gaining views and subscribers. Today, I am going to discuss Youtube video SEO. That means today I am going to tell you the process of SEO for the videos you upload on your youtube channel. Video SEO is very important because without SEO your video will not be ranked in youtube search and without ranking in search, you may not get views on your videos.

Some basic but important steps for YouTube Video SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

Topic choosing and video title:

This is the most important part of video SEO. If your video gets very fewer views then you must check, whether your video topic is in trending or not. So, before selecting a topic, you should analyse that topic. You can easily get trending topics by using "VidIQ extension". If you don't know about installation of VidIQ, then comment me, I will make a separate post on that topic.

After installation of VidIQ, you go to youtube, search for any topic in the search bar. VidIQ will show you the search volume, competition score and overall result. (See image below)

Youtube ranking SEO

Now, let's talk about video title. First of all, you must select the keywords related to the topic you chose. You must add the keywords in the title of the video. You will get the keywords on VidIQ dashboard:


If you are making a video with regional language, then you should include that language in the video title and along with that, you should write in English also. Youtube has fixed a limit of 100 letters in the title. So, you should complete your title within 100 letters. Remember, your video title is the first thing people will read before clicking on that. So, make it carefully with proper keywords. Never use unrelated keywords.

Video Description:

Video description is another part of video SEO. Most of the new youtubers ignore it but you must know the importance of video description.

Today I am going to tell you, how to write a proper description of a video on youtube. Remember one thing, title, description and tags are called "Meta Data". Lots of people use false metadata for making their video viral. But youtube takes it as "Misleading metadata". Using false metadata may create lots of problem in monetisation. Your channel may be banned by youtube for using misleading metadata. So always use related metadata on your youtube channel.

At first, you just copy the title of your video and paste it on the description. Then write some details about the video below the title. Try to use the keywords in the description as much as possible.

Now write your channel link. This link helps a lot to gain subscribers on your channel.

Next, write about your contact details. you can provide your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social networking profile link. You can put your channel link also. People can easily contact you by clicking on those links. It helps youtube to determine the authenticity of the profile. So you must use this section in the description of a video on youtube.


If you are making an informational video and you are using some parts of another video for making this video, then you must write "Disclaimer". This is called "fair use policy disclaimer". (See image below)

SEO Ranking

If you do not mention this disclaimer then the original content owner may give a copyright strike on your video. You will get this disclaimer on google search easily. But remember, you can use only a very little portion of another video. If you use a long portion or whole video then you will get copyright strike on your video and your video will be removed by youtube. So be careful about this. There are lots of rules and regulation for "Fair use policy". You can search it on google for more details. I will write more about this in my future posts.

Always use royalty free music in the video. Otherwise, your video will get a copyright strike. Don't forget to mention the "Music credit" in the description. You must write "Music credit goes to" then mention the name of the owner of that music and write the title of the music or any other details of that music. You can mention the link of that music from where you have downloaded it.

So, friends, this is the proper way of writing the description of a video on youtube.

Proper Tag Use:

You can use VidIQ for selecting proper tags. First of all, you copy the first line of the video title and paste it on the tag box. But remember, in the first line of the title, there should be the main keyword. The 1st, 2nd and the 3rd tag is very important for ranking the video. You can write all the words from the title separately as short tail tags. You must include both long tail tags and short tail tags.

Now use your channel name as a tag. You can write similar words also as tags. One more thing you should remember that you must use your channel name in the title of the video. For more tags, you can use a website You just put the main keyword of your video in the box provided by the website and click on search button. You will get lots of keywords. You can easily copy those keywords and paste it in the tag box:

Video SEO

So, these are the steps of using proper tags in a video of youtube. These tags help a video to rank in youtube search. But as a new youtuber don't expect that your video will rank as soon as you post. It will take some time depending upon your content, subject and audience. You just do proper SEO for your channel and day by day your channel will grow up.

Today, I have discussed video SEO of youtube. These are the basic but important setting you must do for your videos on your youtube channel.

I hope you like this article. If you have any question regarding this or any other topic, please tell me in the comment box or contact me.

Please share my articles as much as possible.

Thank you.
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