What are Backlinks - Details about backlinks for SEO

What are Backlinks and how do you use backlinks for SEO? All about backlinks.

What are backlinks and uses of backlinks

Hey friends, you all heard about Backlinks. Isn’t it? But lots of people do not know about backlinks. So, today I am going to discuss Backlinks. If you have a blog or a website then you definitely want to make your blog or website famous. If you follow all the SEO rules then your post does not take much time to become famous. But for proper SEO, you must use backlinks. Because it contributes a lot to search engine optimization. It helps your content to be ranked in search engines.

What are Backlinks?

You can say, backlinks are those links that allow us to add a website to another website. It makes way to go from a website to another website. If you mention or post a link of your website on other website and someone clicks on that, then he will be redirected to your website. Suppose, there is a very famous website with huge numbers of visitors. You post your website link on that website via comment. When visitors will visit that website and some of them suppose to click on the link then they will be redirected to your website and they will visit your website. Bringing the traffic of another website to your website by providing a link on other website is called backlinks.

There are some terms related to backlinks:

Link Juice:

If a website links to any of your websites or pages, then it is called Link Juice. Link juice helps your website or pages in getting ranked in search engines and it increases domain authority also.

Low-quality links:

If you use backlinks to get traffic from porn or adult sites then it decreases your page or website ranking. Sometimes these kinds of backlinks harm a lot that your website or page get blocked by search engines. These kinds of links are called low-quality links.

High-Quality links:

If you use backlinks on a website whose domain authority or page authority is high, then it helps your site to increase domain authority and page authority of your posts.

Backlinks are divided into two parts: Do Follow Backlinks and No Follow Backlinks.

Do Follow Backlinks:

When a link takes traffic from a website to another website. That means when traffic comes from another website to your website then it is called “Do follow backlinks”. These types of backlinks are very useful for SEO.

No Follow Backlinks:

If any other website gives your website link with no follow backlinks, that means if a website mentioned your post or page link in their post with no follow backlinks tag, then your site will not get any traffic. So it will not help in ranking or in SEO.

Importance of Backlinks:

Backlinks are very important because it increases the traffic by bringing organic traffic from another site. If your website is available on the backlinks of do follow from any other website or blog and if someone searches for that other website in search engine, then your website also been shown in the result. So it helps a lot in ranking your site in the search result. If you have a new website with low traffic but you have high-quality article in your website or blog but there are no any backlinks, then it will take a long time to index in search engine. So if you use backlinks then search engine index very quickly.

How to create a Backlinks:

Whenever you write an article, it should be unique and distinct. Try to cover trending topics but not copied from other sites. Try to make the article with more than 500 words.

Try to comment regularly on other’s website where traffic is high. It helps in making relationships with the blog owner and you will get help from that owner regarding growing up of your website. Commenting also helps in SEO.

You can submit your blog or website backlinks on a web directory but be careful about finding a legal web directory. Illegal submission may harm your site. There are lots of automatic directory submission available but do not go for that. It decreases the ranking and value of your website or blog.

Now a day, “Guest Post” is a very famous method for backlinks. There are many blogs are available who accept guest posts in their blog. If you post quality articles with the backlinks of your website then visitors of that blog easily come to your website or blog and it increases organic traffic. This method helps a lot in getting traffic.

So, friends, this is a very simple and short explanation of backlinks. I hope you understand the uses of backlinks. Use it in a proper way. Never make backlinks on adult sites or illegal sites and never use automatic tools to create backlinks, otherwise, the search engine may remove your website or blog from search result permanently.

I hope you liked this article and you understood the importance of backlinks in terms of search engine optimization (SEO) for better ranking in the search result and for the growth of your blog or website.

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