SEO friendly customisation of Youtube channel

SEO friendly customisation of YouTube channel: How to customise your youtube channel with SEO friendly logo and channel art or banner?

SEO of Youtube videos

Youtube Channel Logo and Banner or Channel Art SEO

Hello friends, today I am going to discuss SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on customisation of a youtube channel. This is the process by which you can rank your channel or video on a search engine like "Google Search" "Yahoo Search" etc.

SEO is not only important for youtube, but it is also similarly important for any website or blog or an article on the internet. There are lots of process and tips for SEO but I am going to focus on some important steps and process for SEO friendly customisation of a youtube channel.

Youtube Channel Logo and Banner or Channel Art SEO:

First of all, you have to use your SEO friendly Logo and Banner (Channel Art) for your channel.

Make your logo and banner as per the prescribed size of youtube. You can click here to know more about Channel art. 

After creating the logo and channel art, save it on your computer. Now right click on your logo and go to "properties". (See image below)

SEO of youtube channel

Click on "Details" tab and write your channel name on the "Title" tab. Now on Rating option first select 4 stars then select all the 5 stars. If you select 5 stars at a time, it won't be done. 

Now in the tags and comments section, put your all channel keywords. Write your name in Authors option. Now in Copyright section, put your channel link. Click on the OK button. Your logo is now SEO friendly.
In the same way, you can make your banner (Channel Art) SEO friendly. You can open "Properties" options of both the logo and banner, then you can copy all the fields from the logo and paste it on channel art details. Now your banner (Channel art) is also SEO friendly.

SEO of youtube

So, friends, these are simple ways of making your youtube channel logo and banner (channel art) fully SEO friendly. Now Google can easily index your logo and banner. If someone types your channel name in Google search then Google will display your channel in the result. But one thing you should keep in mind that this will take little time to get indexed, so you have to wait for some days or a month.

Social Linked-up:

Social networking sites take a very important role for connectivity. You can put your social links on your youtube channel to promote your channel. If you visit any famous youtube channel, you can see the social links at the bottom of channel art. (See image below)

SEO of youtube

Social linked-up also helps you to represent the authenticity of your profile. Google can easily verify that the channel owner and the content are real. So, it is very important to have social links on youtube channel.

First of all, go to my channel and click on the edit button on the top right corner of your channel art (banner) and click "edit links" option. (See image below)

SEO of youtube

Now you will see the about page. At the bottom, below description, you will get an option to put your email id for business enquiries. Just write your email id in the box. Now you can see customised links option. By clicking on "Add" button, you can paste your social networking sites one by one. Now click on the "done" button.

SEO of youtube

That's it, your social linked-up is completed.

Channel Layout:

When you visit some youtube channel, you can see a video automatically plays within a small window. This is a very important setting to get views for a new youtuber.

Go to your home page, at the below of channel art you can see a setting option. Click on that (see image below)

SEO of youtube

A new window will be open with many options, you just enable all the option and click on save. Now on your home page, you will see an option "For new visitors", click on that.

SEO of youtube

Here you can put a small intro or trailer of your channel with little description. When someone will visit your channel then the trailer video will be automatically played and the person can watch it and get the idea about your channel. This setting helps a lot to get more viewers and subscriber to your channel.

Add a Section:

On the same page at the below, you can see another option "Add a section".

SEO of youtube

By clicking on that you will get an option "Select content". If you click on that, you will get lots of options. You can select those options for displaying your videos on the home page. You can make a playlist also with your selected videos. After that click on the done button. Again you will see "Add a section" option at the bottom, you can make another list of videos there. So, you can arrange your all videos category wise here on the home page with this option. If someone visits your channel, then he can easily watch all the videos category wise.

Channel Description:

This is a very important section. You must fill up this description section. You will get this option after clicking on "about" button. (See image below)

SEO of youtube

Here you can write a description of your channel. People can easily understand your channel after reading this description. So, you must write this section in short but covering all the details of videos and content on your channel.
So, these are the basic but important SEO friendly customisation of the youtube channel. But remember one thing success key of youtube channel is "content" only. You must upload original, unique and attractive videos to get maximum views and subscribers. Never upload other's content otherwise your channel will be blocked for copyright violation. Make your own video with your creativity.

Today I have discussed SEO friendly customisation only. I will discuss SEO of videos for youtube channel in my future posts.
I hope this article will help you to customise your youtube channel with all SEO friendly setup.

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Thank you.

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