How to use WhatsApp on Computers? Without any software.

Whatsapp on computers: How to use Whatsapp on PC or Laptops without installing any software?

Whatsapp on pc

WhatsApp on Computers:

Hello friends, you all know about WhatsApp well and you all use it for different purposes like chatting, share files etc. But some of you do not know that you can use your WhatsApp on your computer or laptop too. Sometimes using WhatsApp on pc helps a lot. e.g. printing any file directly from WhatsApp. So, today I am going to discuss using of WhatsApp on computers or on laptops.

Software for using WhatsApp on PC:

If you search on internet about using WhatsApp on pc, you will get some results saying to download the software and install it on pc to use WhatsApp on pc. But remember, never download these types of software. These all are spams and installing this software may corrupt your pc or data.

Now you are thinking that how can you use WhatsApp on pc without installing the software? But you can. Yes, friends, WhatsApp has a feature of using its web version on computers or laptops and you do not need to install any software for that.

Requirements for using Whatsapp on PC:

Of course, you need a smartphone having WhatsApp on it, a computer or laptop, internet connection and a browser. That's it. If you have these things with you then you can easily use WhatsApp on a laptop or pc.

How to use:

Using WhatsApp on pc is very easy just like using on mobile phones. First of all, you have to connect your pc to the internet. Open any browser and type "". A window will be opened with a QR code like the image below:

Now, start WhatsApp app on your smartphone. You will find three dots at the top right corner:

Click on that dots, you will see some options:

Select the third option "WhatsApp Web". After clicking on that a new window will be opened on your smartphone like the image below:

You can see that the camera is on and a green line is searching up and down. You just hold your smartphone in front of the pc or laptop where you already opened the WhatsApp web page with QR code. After scanning the code, the whole WhatsApp dashboard will be seen on your computer. Now, you can use your WhatsApp account from that computer.

If you want to log out your account from pc, then again open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone, follow the steps I mentioned above. This time you will see there is no scanning window, but you will find the browser details you used. You will get "log out" option there. Just click on that, you will be logged out from WhatsApp web version on the pc or laptop.

So, these are the simple steps for using WhatsApp on a computer. I hope you understood the steps I mentioned above. If you have any question regarding this article or any other article on this website then please comment me or contact me. I will try my best to help you.

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