How to see deleted messages of WhatsApp?

How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp? Tricks to see all the messages deleted by the sender.

deleted messages of Whatsapp

How to see the deleted messages on WhatsApp?

Hello friends, today I am going to discuss a trick of getting deleted messages on WhatsApp.

We all know that WhatsApp has a feature of deleting the message from both the phones of sender and receiver. The sender can delete any message within a particular time. But today I am going to tell you that you can see those deleted messages very easily.

How to see the deleted messaged on WhatsApp?

First of all, you have to install an app on your mobile and with the help of this app. you can see all the messages, which were deleted by the sender.

The name of the app is "Notisave". There are lots of apps available on the play store but this app is better among all other apps. So, you just download the app, install it and run. When you run the app, it will take some permission and it will tell you to do some changes in the settings of your smartphone. Just do all the settings.

Now, whenever someone sends you a message, this app will save that message in the notification panel and you can also see the notification on notification bar at the top of your smartphone where all other notification comes.

If the sender deletes the message, you can not see the message on WhatsApp but if you open the app or you see the notification bar of the phone, you will see the original message which is deleted by the sender.

App Feature:

Remember, this app can store only the first 100 characters of the message. So, If you get a long message with more than 100 characters and later sender deletes it, then this app can not save the whole message. One more thing you should remeber that this app can not save deleted media like images or videos. So, this is all about the app and using this app you can see the deleted message on WhatsApp anytime anywhere.

This is a simple trick to see any deleted message on WhatsApp, I hope you like this article. Please share this article as much as possible.

Thank you.
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