How to increase subscribers on YouTube Channel? | Steps to get more subscribers

How to increase subscribers on YouTube channel? All the steps to get more subscribers on YouTube channel.

how to get youtube subscribers

Increase Subscribers on YouTube Channel.

Hello friends, today I am going to discuss some tips and method to increase subscribers on YouTube channel.

Getting subscribers is not an easy task for new youtubers. Some of them buy subscribers for their channel but mind it; this method may create a problem for the YouTube channel. Google can ban suspend your channel for buying subscribers. So stay away from that. One more thing you should know that if you buy subscribers from any website, those subscribers are not permanent and they will unsubscribe your channel very soon, so ultimately you will get nothing.

I know you all are thinking that what will be the right process to get subscribers. Isn’t it? As I told before, your content is your king. So create unique content, you will definitely get views and subscribers too. But apart from these, there are some steps or tips you can apply on your channel which will help you getting subscriber on your channel.

Here I am going to discuss these steps one by one. You just follow them, it will help you.

Sub Confirmation:

Use your channel link in the description of your video. This will help you to get subscribers. First of all, you copy the link of your YouTube channel and paste it on a notepad. Now your channel link is too long. But nothing to worry, you can shorten this link easily. Just go to "" or "". Paste your link there and you will get a short link to your channel. (Example:

Simply paste this link on the description part of your video. You can write "Follow my channel" and then paste your short link. So, whenever someone clicks on that link, your channel will be shown on a new tab with the subscribe button. So this step helps a lot in getting subscribers.

End Screen:

This is another important feature you can use to get subscribers on your channel. You may see on most of the YouTube channel, when a video gets the end,  a subscribe button automatically comes at the end screen. So, a viewer can easily click on that to subscribe the channel. So this feature increases the chance of getting subscribers on your YouTube channel.
You can enable this setting very easily.

Go to Creator studio of your channel. Click on Video manager option and select any video. Click on edit. Now click on "End screen" option:

youtube subscribers

Click on "Add element" option. In the second option, you will see subscribe. Just click on "Create":

youtube subscribers

Now you can see your logo will be automatically shown on end screen. Now click on save. That's it; your End screen is ready. Trust me this is one of the effective methods of gaining subscribers.


You can place a subscribe button or your logo at the bottom right corner of a video. A viewer will see that logo throughout the video. If he places the cursor on that, subscribe option will be shown automatically. The viewer can subscribe to your channel easily by clicking on that. This is also a very effective method of gaining subscribers.

You can enable this setting by the following method:
Go to Creator studio of your channel. Click on "Channel" option. Now select "Branding":

youtube subscribers

Click on "Add a watermark". Now click on browse to select your logo. Use PNG format for transparent background. If you do not want to use the logo, then you can use the "subscribe button" image also. (Subscribe button image is easily available on Google, you can search and download it).

Now click on the save button. Your branding is completed. Now if anyone plays your video, your logo will be shown there. This option helps a lot to gain followers for your channel.

So, friends, these are the legal and easy methods of gaining subscribers for any YouTube channel. But again I am saying that the most important part is your content. So, focus on that. Create good videos and achieve your goal.

I hope you can easily set up the steps I mentioned above.

If you want any help, then contact me, I will help you as much as possible.

Hope you liked this article. Please share it.

Thank you.
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