How to earn money from Amazon, Flipkart or any other E-commerce Website

Earn money from Amazon, Flipkart or any other E-commerce Website - You can earn unlimited money from Amazon, Flipkart or any other e-commerce website without investing money.

Hello friends, There are lots of e-commerce website but here in this post I am going to discuss about earning money from Amazon. Because Amazon is the largest online shopping platform and highly used e-commerce website in our country for online shopping.

How to Earn Money from Amazon

Dear friends, we all know that now a day we prefer shopping online rather than offline because online we get unlimited options, easy payment and we get product at home. So, online market has huge customer base and seller base. Most of the people know that we spend money on online store to buy products. But here in this post I am going to tell you that you can earn money from online stores like Amazon. Yes friends you can. But How?? Answer is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

The process of earning money from e-commerce sites by promoting and selling their products is called Affiliate Marketing. You don’t have to invest money, you don’t have to keep inventory and you don’t have to worry about shipping & delivery. You just copy the link of the product. Paste on your blog or website or youtube channel or on your facebook page. If someone click on that product and buy it then amazon will pay you the commission. The commission for every product is different. If the person enters to amazon by clicking on your link and he buys different product, still you will get your commission.

It is very easy and simple to create amazon associates account to start affiliate marketing.

How can you do Affiliate Marketing?

If you have a blog or website or any social networking page with huge numbers of traffic (for website & blog) or followers (for social page), then you can earn a good amount of money from affiliate marketing. As I mentioned above, I am going to discuss here about Amazon only.

Affiliate Marketing on Amazon:

So first of all you have to create a free account on Amazon. You can click here to login or register.

After clicking the Amazon link you have to click “Join”. If you already have Amazon id and password then fill them or you can register with another email id. After login, a page will be shown (like image below)

You have to fill the form and click on next button. On next page you will see two options: 1.Enter your website and 2. Enter your mobile app URL. (see image below)

On first option, you have to put the links of your website or blog or facebook page or youtube link or any other page. You can add up to 50 numbers of websites or link in the box.

The second option is for the people who have their own apps on play store. You can place advertise on your apps also. For this option you have to know about app developing or coding. So, here in this post I am not going to take the second option. Keep that box blank.

So you just add your website link or page link and click next. Then you will get some options. I am briefing them all below:

Associates Store ID- You can put any name as your ID.

What are your websites or mobile apps about- You have to write in short about your website or blog or Page.

Topics describe your site- You have to choose your website or page topic from the list. You can add more topics by clicking “Add another topic”.

Type of Amazon Item- You have to tick on the products you want to advertise on your website or page. You can tick all the items.

What type are your Website- Here you can choose as per your type of website or page. You can choose “other” option also.

How do you drive traffic- You have to choose the options by which people visit your site or page.

How do you utilise your website to generate income- In this option you have to choose the option by which you generate income? If you don’t income then you can simply choose last option.

How do you build links- Here you can choose manually option.

Unique visitors per month- You have to select the range of visitors who visit your website or page per month.

Primary Reason-  Select “to monetise my site”. Because you want earn money from this.

How did you hear about us- Here you can choose any of the option as you want.

That’s it form is filled up. Now fill up the captcha and tick the box for accepting Terms & Conditions and click Finish.
After clicking finish button a new page will be shown with Congratulation message mentioning your Associate ID. Here you will get an option of entering Payment and Tax information. You can simply click on “Now” button to enter all the payment related options like PAN no. Bank account details etc. Otherwise you can put these information later by clicking “later” button. (See image below)

Now, all done. Login to your account, your dashboard will be same as your previous amazon account but there will be a new stripe on top of the page “Amazon Associates Site Stripe”. (Image below)

How to use:

First of all you have to search the product. I suggest you to search as best seller. As example if you want to search mobile, then search as “Best seller mobile phone”. Now choose the product and click on the product. Then on top the image you will see options (Text, Image, Text+Image) like the image below-

You can click on Text or Image or Text+Image, you will get a link, just copy the link and paste it on your website or blog post or on youtube description or on facebook page post. You can add additional description of the item before posting. Now if someone click on that link and buy the product then you will get the commission from Amazon.

How to get the Commission:

On top right corner of the page you will see another option “Earnings”. (See Image below)

By clicking on that you will get all the details of payment you received as commission. Your payment will be sent by NEFT to your bank account mentioned by you. But payment will be released only after you reach threshold of INR.1000.

So Friends, I hope this post “How to earn money from Amazon, Flipkart or any other E-commerce Website” will help you in earning money from . You can earn money by affiliate marketing from other e-commerce sites also, process of affiliate marketing for all e-commerce websites are almost same. If you know more about this or if you have any confusion, then comment me.

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