Google Forms - How to Create Google Form

Google Forms- How to Create Google Forms? It is very easy to make a Google form and you can use it on your Website or blog and you can share it instantly.

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Google Forms - How to Create Google Form

Google forms is one of the great product by Google. You can collect information and organise them very quickly and easily by Google Forms. The templates provided by Google Forms are very beautiful and you can customise them as per your choice with lots of options. It is very easy to create a form and use that on your website or blog. You can send the form as a link also. The response comes from a form is easy accessible just by login to your google account. Here in this post I am going to tell how to create & use "Google Forms".

How to Create Google Form :

First of all you must have a gmail id. If you don't have gmail id then create it by signup to gmail. It is very easy.
Now go to google search and type google forms, you will get the link or you can directly go to the link by clicking here.
By login with your gmail id and password you will see the dashboard of Google Forms (Image below)

How to Create Google Form

Now you have two choices, first one is you can choose Blank template, where you can design your form as per you need or you can choose a form from the templates already given on dashboard.

If you choose Blank template:

How to Create Google Form

It will be blank, you have to give a name of the form in Untitled form option. Then you have to type a question you want to ask in the form. There are lots of options to set as the answer like Short answer, Paragraph, Multiple Choice, Check boxes, Drop down, Linear scale, Multiple choice grid, Checkbox grid, Date, Time etc. You can choose any of these option for answer pattern. As example, if your question is "What is your date of birth?" Then you have to choose "Date" option. Then people can select a date as the answer for the question. So, you can select the option as per the question you asked. You can add Title, Photo, Video on the form by clicking the side bar of the form.

If you choose Ready to use Templates:

Here you will get lots of options with pre-designed templates. You can choose from them and you can use it. You can edit the options also as per your need. Those templates are very beautiful and well designed. You can just set the questions or survey as per your need.

Additional Settings: 

After completion of form you can see the preview of the form by clicking on "eye" button on top right of the dashboard. By clicking on setting option, you can set more options like Sign in require, Edit after submit by respondent etc. You can select presentation option for showing progress bar, editable confirmation message etc. There is another option called "Quizzes", where you can use the form as quiz with several options.

How to use the form:

Now you form is complete to use. To use this form you have to click on "SEND" option on top right corner of dashboard. You will get options like direct send as email, copy link, Embed HTML and share via Google+ , Facebook, Twitter. You will get another check box of "collect email address", if you select that then the email address of respondent will be collected. So, now you can use the form wherever you want.
To see the response collected by the forms will be available on same dashboard. You just have to login to Google form and select the "Responses" option (Image below)
How to Create Google Form

You will get all the responses on "Responses page". You can create a Spreadsheet of the responses by clicking the green colour button "create spreadsheet" option on top corner of "Responses page".

So these are the easy steps of creating a form by "Google Forms"

Friends, I hope my post "Google Forms - How to Create Google Form" will help you in creating a Google Form. If you have any question, please comment me or you can contact me.

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Thank you.
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