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Easy Photo Editor- Photo editing is one of the important tasks for the people who love photography and now you can do it with free editing software.

Photoscape- Free Photo Editor

Yes, friends, you can edit your photos in a pro level without costly software like Photoshop and using Photoshop is not an easy thing. You must have proper knowledge of using Photoshop. There are lots of long term courses for Photoshop. But using free software like Photoscape, now you can edit photos easily just by learning the simple steps mentioned in this post.

First of all, you download Photoscape from clicking here

Using Photoscape you can do lots of tasks related to photo editing like cropping, combining, page, GIF, Adding effects, Increase quality, Changing resolution and many more.

There are lots of options available in Photoscape: 1. Editor, 2. Batch Editor, 3. Page, 4. Combine, 5. Animated GIF, 6. Print, 7. Splitter, 8. Screen Capture, 9. Color Picker, 10. Raw Converter, 11. Rename, 12. Paper Print etc.
(Shown in below image)

But here in this post, I am going to tell about only "Editor" option. Because this is the main part of this software. In the Editor option, you will get all the tools for basic photo editing.

After starting the Photoscape, you will see the dashboard (image shown below)

Here you have to select the photo from your computer from the top left side of the dashboard. After selecting the photo, it will come on the screen. Now you can start editing.
At bottom of the dashboard, you will see "Home" Tab. (Image is shown below)

Under Home button you will get options like Frame, Resize, Bright, Color, Auto Level, Sharpen, Film Effect, Filter, Bloom, and Backlight.

Uses of options under the Home button:

FRAME- You can select a frame for the photo from the list of frames by clicking on "No Frame". Additionally, you can set the corner by clicking round option, you can set the margin by clicking margin option, also you can set frame line by clicking on Frame Line.

RESIZE- By clicking on the resize button, you can adjust the width and heights easily.

BRIGHT, COLOR- In this option you can adjust Deepen, Brighten, Darken, Exposure, Gamma Bright, Bright, Contrast, Hue and Saturation just by dragging the button.

AUTO LEVEL- If you click on the Auto level button, then Photoscape will automatically adjust the colour and brightness and you have to do nothing.

SHARPEN- Here you can adjust sharpen level by Radius & Amount.

FILM EFFECT- In this option, you can change the colour theme of the image by selecting lots of options and these options give the film effects on the image.

FILTER- Filter option is full of editing tools, you can try one by one to differentiate the filter tools and you can select if you need.

BLOOM- Bloom option is for blooming the photo. You will get options like Level, Blur, contrast etc. Using these options you can bloom the photo as much as you need.

BACKLIGHT- Backlight automatically adjusts the light of the picture to make the object clear.

Under Object button you will get options like adding a photo, adding text, symbol, and all other marks and signs. (Image is shown below)

Under the Crop button, you will get the option of cropping the photo. (Image is shown below)

Under Tools button again you will get lots of options like Screen scroll, Red-eye correction, Mole Removal, Mosaic, Paintbrush, Clone stamp, Effect Brush etc. These options are used for advanced editing. These are similar to some options on Facebook.
You can try these options if you want. (Image is shown below)

So these are the basic editing tools in Photoscape. There are more options available as I said but here in this post, I have discussed only "Editor" part because it is sufficient for editing purpose. Still, if you want to know about remaining options, then comment me, I will discuss remaining options in my future posts.

I hope this post will definitely help you in editing any photo you want easily & quickly using this Free Software "Photoscape".

Thank you.
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