Blogger vs Wordpress - Best platform for blog or website.

Blogger vs Wordpress: Which platform should you choose for building a blog or website? All details about Blogger and Wordpress.

Blogger vs Wordpress

Hello friends, If you want to be a blogger or you want to start a blog, the first question comes to your mind is "Which platform is best for blogging?": Blogger or Wordpress?

Today, I am going to discuss both the platforms. I hope this will help you to choose a better option in the field of blogging as a beginner.

First of all, you should know what is Wordpress and what is Blogger. So I am going to discuss it in short description:


First of all, you should know about Hosting. Some of you may know about hosting but some of you may not know about it. In short, I can say Hosting is an online space, where you can store your data or content of your website. So, you have to pay for the space to store your data on paid hosting along with some other services.

If you want to use Wordpress, then you must have "Hosting" for that. You can buy free hosting or paid hosting. But better you go with paid hosting because the service of free hosting is very bad and your website or blog may shut down suddenly on free hosting. So, if you want to make a career on blogging, then you must buy a hosting.

Now let's talk about Wordpress:

In short, I can say Wordpress is an application and you have to install it on your domain to build your website.


Blogger is a Google product. You can use free hosting of blogger for a lifetime. Initially, if you don't want to buy a domain for your website then you can use a free subdomain of blogger for making your website.

Why most of the people use Wordpress?:

If you analyse some good running websites, then you will see that most of them are on Wordpress platform. Now you are thinking that if blogger gives a free website with free hosting then why people choose WordPress. Is not it?

If you choose WordPress then you have to spend some money. Because you have to buy hosting, then you have to buy some themes or plugins. In WordPress, there are lots of free themes and plugins available but paid products always give a better result. Some plugins also help you to rank your website very quickly.

If you choose blogger, then you will get free hosting and free subdomain but there are very limited customization options available. You can not use any plugin in blogger and there are limited themes in

So, if you want a good looking website with useful plugins and unlimited customization options, then you should go with WordPress. Most of the people use WordPress just because of these options.

But in my opinion, I would say that you must start blogging in Because it is free. There are very few customization options but still, you can make a good website. Blogger is a Google product, so your website will definitely get priority in the search engine. The dashboard of the blogger is very simple so as a beginner you can easily handle your website on blogger. One more thing you should know that Adsense is also a Google product and if you want to earn money from your blog then you must have the approval of adsense. So, if you have a website on blogger then linking with adsense is very easy and getting approval for adsense also becomes easier than WordPress. 

So, if you are a beginner then you can start with blogger. In future, after getting some experience on blogging you can transfer your website from Blogger to WordPress or you can run your website on blogger for a lifetime also. Because there are lots of websites available in the market which are running on blogger platform and they are earning huge money from these websites. So, compare both the platform but choose the one as per your need and your budget.

I hope you have understood the basic difference between the Blogger and WordPress. There are more differences you will find when you will start using them. Still, I have tried to mention the important differences and I hope it will help you.

Build your website and express your talent to the world. All the best !!

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